juicing for weight loss

juicing for weight loss

A couple of years ago, a popular female actor went juicing. Her reactions? They were nasty, but she did manage to lose a bunch of weight. According to her, juicing made her feel cleaner and quite magical.
It is almost 4 years since juicing fast practices were first introduced. Several juice-based businesses have propped up since then. In addition, this business industry is not letting juicing fasts die.
Juice-fasting enthusiasts claim that fasting helps in losing weight, toxin reduction, reducing cancer risk, aids digestion and boosts the immune system.
Here we will try to go through all the stages of Juicing Cleanse

As soon as you get out of the store with your juicing “stuff”, you will be pumping with energy. More so, if this is your first time. Though a little nervous, you will be excited about the challenge ahead. As you reach home and open your first drink, just remember, it cannot be that bad now, can it?
Well, it certainly can and it most probably will. However, fear not, this is just for a couple of days. So in all likeliness, you’ll get over it soon enough.

Hunger, extreme hunger in fact
The first stage of unparalleled optimism and the feeling of being the almighty will last exactly 3 hours, 180 minutes to be precise.
At the 181st minute, stage 2 will start kicking in. By lunchtime, you’ll be starving. All you’ll be able to think about will be food – the food you ate yesterday, the food in your home, the food in the restaurants and even the food your dog ate. That is what you should avoid at all costs. No, I don’t mean trying to eat your dog’s food. Just try keeping your mind off food as much as possible.
Sudden drop in calories can send a shock to your system—one that shows up as extreme hunger.
Now is time for your second juice. Shove it down your neck and get it done with.

The Uprising
If all goes well, you would have successfully survived until day 2. You would have successfully lost about 5-9 pounds. Don’t feel elated though. This will be just temporary. And your stomach must be kicking and cramping. These cramps can be attributed to the sensations your stomach acids wanting to digest something but not having anything available. The other reasons possible for your cramps can be that you were consuming much more vitamins than usual.
Short, intermittent headaches are also possible.

Later in the second day of your battle, you will start to seriously question yourself whether you will be able to make it out of this challenged alive and well. You’ll be miserable and snappy and snobbish. Don’t lose sleep over losing sleep. Staying awake for late are some of the reactions that most people display while juicing. It is difficult to sleep peacefully over an empty stomach.
There will be several questions before you that day. Would it be considered cheating if you had just one apple? Do not start bargaining. Honor your challenge and continue with determination.

By Day 3, you should be lighter by about 10-12 pounds – mostly water weight, but maybe a little bit of fat too. The third day is the breakthrough day for cleansing advocates. While you will still feel hungry, the misery and intensities of the previous couple of the days should be gone. It takes the body around 3 days to adjust itself to new patterns of calorie consumption. On Day 1 and 2, it is still trying to figure out where all the ham and cheese went. On day 3 however, it knows where it is getting its calories from and hence adjusts accordingly.
In reality, if you can make it through to Day 3, you can go on for many more.
After your 72 hours, when you have your first solid food. Be a tad bit careful. Do not overeat. Your jaw may even hurt from chewing.

The Aftermath
Besides the weight loss, there may be some far more interesting and lasting changes. You will feel more conscious of what you eat and drink.
The benefits to successful are more psychological than physical.

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