How To Make Your Teeth Whiter

How To Make Your Teeth Whiter

It is not surprising that everyone wants to be look good, and better in everything in his body especially the internal parts like their teeth. The health of the teeth is a sigh of the health of so many parts in our body especially your eyes. Clean teeth will give you the ability to see good as many studies said.

Anyway, we are here now for one reason which is how to make your teeth whiter than before. There are many methods to do that, and every method is depending on your time and how much money you can pay for it. Some are free, some are very inexpensive. In this article I will talk and I will categorize the methods based on their cost as following:

  • Home Treatment Method

The very cheap way is trying to get result in your home. So how to make your teeth whiter home remedies? Home methods are wide and so many people talking about that. Some are good and some are not useful at all. You can try and try and try until you get something to work for you.

One of the effective way but it takes few weeks, until you get the result, is using baking soda. Backing soda is one of the safe and effective ways to start see result of your teeth whiting plan. To start using it, try the following:

  1. Apply some backing soda into your tooth paste.
  2. Brush your teeth as usual.
  3. Wait few weeks to get the result.

That is it.

Also there is another home remedy to make your teeth white, by using the olive oil. Take some olive oil into your mouth and start rinsing for one or two minutes, then eject it out, you will notice that your teeth become brighter than before. Do it always to get good result after few weeks.

  • Dental treatment method:

Dental is one that you may consider before, it is really high expensive method but fast and effective. Going to dental clinic to do that may cost you from $500-$1000, but actually it is very safe, and you can get so many advises and tips from high professional doctors there. So if you have money you can do it.

  • Home tooth whitening kits

The most effective way and really cheaper than dental clinic, is buying one of the homes whitening kit, these kits are good and will help get results fast. Some kits can give you result in 2-3 days, and others can give results within months. There are many types and shapes. You even can get some of them as trial if you signed up in these companies sites.  I can recommend some to you, but I think it is better to googling them and sign up of as many free trials as you like, and checking which one is fitting you.

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