how to burn calories fast

how to burn calories fast

Do you want to know how to burn calories fast? We are sitting on a huge secret, and today we reveal that to you. Keep in mind; this article is for those who have tried everything from exercises, workouts, yoga, low-carb diets, home remedies, and medical advices and so on and so forth. So, let’s check out some of these weird practices which may help you burn some of that extra fat and calories you’ve put on.

Choose different colored dishes
Choosing the right colors of dishes, you will have a good chance to reduce weight naturally and quite effectively. Actually, using red dishes can lower your feeling of hunger. Whereas, colors like white, blue or green can encourage you to eat more.

Keep your surroundings tidy
While living in tidy and clean spaces, you want to eat clean and healthy foods. The neater the surroundings are the healthier foods you will choose. This may help in your mission to cut through some fats.

Do not eat breads first
Many people get fatter because they eat bread and other grains first. In fact, timing when you eat bread and rice is as important as its restriction. You should restrict breads to the last as is a legit way of losing weight.

Eat Slowly
Eating with your family at home will help you have more time to be closer to family members. Moreover, you will have time to eat well and do not rush your meals. Eating slowly will help you feel fuller longer and it will cut down the food amount you tend to consume before.

Eat with your male friends
If you are a woman and want to get some weird ways to lose weight, you should think about your male friends. Eating with male companions, you will feel shy when eating much. Instead, you will consume foods lesser. You will think about being feminine women, and certainly, you will not eat carelessly.

Chew and Spit
Learn to spit out food without swallowing it. It sounds weird for food lovers but this way really works to lose weight effectively and easily while offering the satisfaction to taste buds.

Pop a Pill
Hold your horses! Not that pill mates. Vitamin pills. In a research released by the International Journal of Obesity, scientists assigned 96 obese people. They took multi-vitamin and calcium supplements for 26 weeks. This vitamin group wound up with less body fat than the others did.

Eat in front of a mirror
This seems to be a crazy way to lose weight but try it once. Stay relaxed and watch yourself eating in front of a mirror. This makes you conscious about quantity of food and the way you consume it.

Eat at the end of the table
Change your habit to seat at the end of eating table, especially when you’re in a party. The end seat makes your favorite dishes less accessible and it’s apparent that you won’t shout for food in public.

Give up your guilt
After a meal, avoid giving yourself a hard time, ac. As dieters tend to overeating, then getting stress, including guilt about the foods they have eaten.

Watch less TV
Adult people spend about 5 hours a day to TV watching. In a study, by using a lockout system to force TV hounds to watch 50% less, the participants lose an average of 119 calories a day.

Use a tongue-patch
Yes! A tongue patch is a plastic mesh patch sewn onto the tongue to make you eat extremely painful, so this way can help you reduce about 18 to 20 lbs per month on average.

Eat with your less-favored hand
Snackers who ate popcorn when watching movies consumed less when they ate with their non-dominant hand. In fact, it doesn’t feel natural and you are less apt to eat mindlessly.

Sniffing vanilla
Is it true that sugar cravings are ruining your diet? My suggestion for you is to light a vanilla candle or spritze on some vanilla scented perfume, or put a vanilla scented patch on your back’s hand. This trick can keep you slim as smell of vanilla can help reduce your appetite for sweet things.

So as a result, knowing how to burn calories fast is not a simple task, you should do your homework, and you will reach your goal one day.

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