Losing weight and keeping the pounds off long term is a goal of many people. Though exercise and eating whole, healthy foods can go a long way towards managing weight and improving the body inside out, some people benefit from taking additional supplements. This is especially true as people age — their metabolisms slow down, and weight loss becomes an increasingly difficult challenge. One solution that can aid in weight loss and management is human growth hormone (HGH).

What is HGH?

HGH is a hormone that the body’s pituitary gland naturally produces. The body has higher levels of HGH when we’re young, because it’s needed to help the body develop and grow. As people age, their HGH levels slowly decrease, especially after the age of 30. Along with slightly lower levels of HGH, the body’s metabolism slows down making it easier to retain fat. Older people, especially women, often find that even with regular exercise throughout the week and a balanced diet, they still have trouble losing body fat, particularly in the trouble zones.

HGH hormone is released in intervals throughout the day, and is typically at its highest after the first hour of nightly rest. Aside from helping the body grow, HGH also boosts the immune system, aids in calcium retention and protein synthesis, works with the liver to produce glucose, and reduces fat by breaking down lipids. The latter is what is believed to make HGH supplementation an effective weight loss solution.

HGH and Weight Loss

According to study results, overweight and obese adults have HGH levels that are lower than adults with normal weights. The anabolic effect of HGH can accelerate fat loss and improve metabolism. Under normal conditions, the body uses its stores of glucose for energy before burning through its fat reserves. Taking HGH helps encourage the body to burn fat for energy before turning to glucose. The result is weight loss even when individuals are at an inactive state, such as during sleeping.

Obese individuals will typically show results from taking HGH the soonest, but HGH can benefit people of all sizes. In addition to fat loss, HGH can noticeably increase energy levels, which in turn may encourage individuals to become more active and experience even more weight loss. HGH is also a key part of the body’s metabolism, which is why many are interested in taking HGH to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Taking HGH

HGH is available in various forms, including powders, injections, and pills. Just as HGH deficiency adversely affects the body, having an overabundance of HGH in your system can also be harmful. However, one would need to abuse HGH and take it in much higher than the recommended dosage to get to that point. The amount of HGH contained in most supplements and injections will benefit the body, rather than harm it. Studies have shown that low doses of HGH may positively contribute to weight loss. Combined with a more active lifestyle and healthful eating, HGH can be the perfect way to jump start weight loss.

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