Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating habits are one of our second nature, whether if the food we eat is healthy or not. We all have a habit for eating which by default can lead us to a healthy life, or sick people. We are really what we eat. So the healthy eating habit is our ticket to a healthier mind and body. The habit is actually a verb that we do always until we find it becoming our second nature. In this article I’m going to give you 10 habits that you should follow and I guarantee you will become eating healthy.

  1. Maintain Balanced Meals: what I mean that you should try to have your meals that contain all the essential vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fat, off course with the right quantities required to for your body to function in a healthy manner. You can know what to eat and what quantities our body need of all these essentials by following some healthy recipes, especially the weight loss recipes that can make you get a really beautiful body if you are fat right now. Check this page to download my weight loss recipes books.
  2. Eat Natural Food: Natural food is always better than processed food, or canned one. Even you get a natural food then you processed it, it will lose some of it benefit like some vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants, etc. I’m talking here about the food that can be eaten without processing like vegetables, fruits, etc. Some of you may take my words and will not cook the fish, J may be. How can you eat fish without cooking?, hey stop!. I’m joking. Some canned food or processed food that sold in supermarket are really unhealthy even if they write on it Healthy. Like low fat, free fat food, or sugar free, all these are having chemical additives which are harm your health. So stop these foods immediately.
  3. Raw Foods: Raw foods having high nutrients and are easier to digest. Eat salads, vegetables, nuts, low sugar fruit, every day and any time.
  4. More Fibre-Rich: Do you know what is fibre? If you then you are in healthy body path, if not then you should know that now. Fibre helps your body to digest and elimination. If you digest system is healthy then your entire body should healthy too. Diseases always start from your stomach. If your stomach is healthy then you are 90% healthy.
  5. Consume regularly unpasteurized fermented food like the famous yogurt. Yogurt and like unpasteurized fermented foods are high in friendly bacteria that help your digest system, also it is full of good enzymes and good fat that will provide you with many health benefits.
  6. Vary in eating healthy food: eat every day deferent kind of healthy food, don’t stick on one recipe and repeat it every day. Variation in healthy food will help your body gain different vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients in general.
  7. Masticate properly: Don’t be hurry while you eating relax and eat quietly and masticate properly. If you rush your chewing you will lead you digest system to really critical problems.
  8. Try as so you can not to cook your vegetables directly, instead of that you should steam it. There are many cooking steam kits sold out there, get one to prepare your healthy vegetable that contains all of the nutrients.
  9. Don’t Eat in between the meals: eating between meals is a bad habit. Unhealthy if you are not in a diet plan. I knew some diet plans based on small 4-5 meals. But if you are not in a diet plan, eat you 3 main meals, then if you get hungry in-between you can take an apple, or any low sugar fruit. Don’t eat more that what you your body desire, this will case you gain fat fast.
  10. Play sport: any kind of sport is needed for healthy body, even walking for 30 minutes a day is great for you body, especially if it is after get up of your sleeping. The best sport is in early morning before the breakfast. Yes we were talking about eating habit, but practicing is important for a healthy mind and body, and that is why I mention it here.

Finally, I hope you healthy life style and habits, that will make you live very happy and strong.


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